Humans of CHS


“My favorite portion of chemistry class is labs. Labs provide the opportunity for students to actually do science. They must follow directions, be safe, record data, interpret the data, answer questions and draw conclusions. Also, labs improve students’ ability to work in a group, collaborate with peers and problem solve. All of the skills utilized in the lab setting can be applied outside of the chemistry classroom, in real life.”


“I’m the junior class vice president, so part of my duty on the council is to assist the president when I’m needed and I also help to create the agendas for the class meetings. It’s important for me because it’s something I really enjoy doing because I like feeling like I’ve played an active role in making the year a little more fun for everyone.”


“I’m a Catholic, but not a very good one. Catholicism is very much about sins and not committing them. That’s impossible, which fuels my dislike for religious hypocrisy. I feel like I’m a good person; you don’t need to wear turtlenecks, not have a sense of humor, and act like a Puritan to be kind and have personal morals. There are too many funny things going on in life to be so stuffy, like the fact that I randomly found a Bible by the computers. I hope heaven is a party.”


“I recently got my hair cut and I noticed how many split ends I had from heat styling it almost every day. I then figured I needed a new way to curl my hair without heat, on the days I didn’t leave it natural. After looking all over the internet, I found a tutorial for rolling up your hair in clean socks and leaving it overnight in little buns. I probably look crazy with all the socks in my hair, but I’m the result is identical to heat styling, and hair-friendly.”


“More recently, I would say that my experience of working here, I really like the interaction of working with the kids. This office is very very busy, its not empty for long… I don’t do a lot of physical nursing, I do a lot of emotional nursing… I like kids to know that what they’re going through is normal, but not to over exaggerate it. There’s bumps in the road for everybody no matter where you go, high school, college, adult life, relationships, whatever. It’s all part of life, don’t over analyze it don’t over stress it. Come in here, have a cup of tea, unload it on me and we’ll get through it together.”


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