Big brains behind small numbers

Each month, Internet users watch over six billion hours of YouTube videos. Every minute, YouTube members upload 100 hours of footage. With all of these videos available to us, how do we decide which ones to watch? In some cases, smaller channels can be the best places to look for quality content.

I admire many successful YouTubers for their determination, passion and skill. I find that some do not post videos consistently, while others update videos they have done in the past instead of coming up with new ideas. These videos often include poor content and have mediocre videography and editing. Channels such as these have millions of subscribers, whereas smaller YouTubers with consistency, better content and beautiful videos are left unnoticed.

Last summer, I whittled down my YouTube subscriptions from over 100 channels to ten. I found myself unsubscribing from channels with millions of subscribers, but remained with those who have less than half a million that make high-quality content. This included some of my favorite YouTubers, such as Mr.Kate, Essie Button, ViviannaDoesMakeup, Lily Pebbles and HelloKaty. So as you browse through the diverse content on YouTube, take notice of the big brains behind small numbers.


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